Yanbian University Overview

By Charles Wetzel

I was fortunate to be able to tour Yanbian University on a trip to China. It is of interest to me because it offers an intensive, three-hour-a-day Korean program taught by native speakers, but at a price that's far below what any school in South Korea charges. Furthermore, western students without degrees can teach English legally in parts of China, which is not possible in South Korea. Therefore, for some of us, Yanbian might be the best option.

This is mainly a photo gallery. Since I haven't attended even a single day of class, I don't know whether it's a decent school or not. In regard to the city, it has many things that Seoul does, like Kimbap Cheonguk and noraebangs, but its average income is about $1,600 instead of whatever Seoul's is at right now. Anyways, look at the pictures to find out more about the school.

This is the main entrance of Yanbian University. Right next to the entrance is an internet cafe that charges only 1 RMB per hour (13 cents). There's also an international ATM right inside the main entrance.

This is the central building of Yanbian University's campus. The campus is quite expansive! You can figure out where you need to go by coming here and looking at the large map with models of all the buildings.

This is where international students conduct their business. You can register for Korean classes here, as I recall.

This is the Korean language building. It's like Yonsei's KLI, but not quite as upscale. I don't know whether the quality of the instruction is decent or not.

I hope you enjoyed my photos of Yanbian University. I intend to keep studying Korean in Korea, but it's nice that this option is there in case I bottom out and lose all my money and need a cheap place to continue learning Korean.