Nintendo DSi/3DS Programs I've Written:

Not available for public download at this time.

1. Sign up for Big Apple International School of English classes.
2. We will give you the program for free when you join.
3. Alternatively, you can pay a 1,000 yen fee (800 yen for Puchikon mkII, 200 yen for us to keep) and we will either install the program directly onto your Nintendo DSi/3DS, or we will mail you the file and you can install it yourself.

Big Apple Word Search V. 1.0 (Nintendo DSi/3DS [Puchikon/Puchikon mkII], 2012)
This is my first-ever game written for a video game system. It is a word search program with 366 words (taken from the Big Apple Calendar, which is given to regular students when they sign up to take English lessons at my English conversation school). Students can enjoy this edutainment title by using it to do randomly-generated word searches; it will help them prepare for their weekly calendar quiz at Big Apple by developing spelling awareness.

I wrote it in Puchikon, a BASIC dialect that can be downloaded to the Nintendo DSi/3DS via the Nintendo eShop for 800 yen in Japan. The code is 551 lines long and the total file size is 31,846 bytes. I wrote it entirely in original Puchikon, but was not able to transfer it to a PC until I obtained Puchikon mkII (the original Puchikon does not support exporting files to an SD card the way mkII does).

The beta version was finished in my first year in Japan; my boss and a few students tried this beta version, and in the case of my boss and one of the students, Fumiya, they even completed a word search successfully. The beta version was essentially the same as this version except that it only had a limited selection of words (35, versus the current 366). The final version (V. 1.0) was completed on March 31, 2012. For legal reasons (the company logo being in the file, our official word list being used, etc.) I cannot make this available for free public download. However, if you are interested in obtaining the program, contact me and my boss and I will consider selling you a copy.