This is my Web site for programming and other domains of geekdom. Before, this site was only programming-oriented, but I have decided to expand it to include various other geek-related topics, as well. However, I probably won't change the subdomain because I have an ideal of never deleting a file or subdomain for which I have shared or published the link (due to my intense personal dislike of clicking on an awesome link, only to get a 404 error).

December 29, 2013: 2013 Year-End Summary and Update
This year, in my quest to become a computer programmer, I did the following things:

  • I released two major QBASIC/FirstBasic projects that had been nearly completed but not quite for at least several years each (Dungeon! for DOS, an RPG, and Charles' Korean Quiz Program, a DOS utility for Korean language). This still took substantial effort as I had to add enough features to make them usable by an end-user, clean up the code (over 1,000 lines of source code for each program), and do the various publishing-related things (typing up documentation, creating .ZIP files, uploading them, taking screenshots, and writing descriptions on this Web site).
  • I enrolled at UMUC (University of Maryland University College), got my official evaluation (only 30 credit hours remaining towards my BS in Computer & Information Science), and passed the orientation course, UMUC411. Then I signed up for CMIS 325: UNIX with Shell Programming.
  • I finished my Career Studies Certificate in Business Information Technology (or for short, a CSC in Business IT). To do this, I finished ITE 115 (Computer and Application Concepts) and ITN 100 (Introduction to Telecommunications [not required for the CSC, but required if I want to get the AS in IT]) through NOVA, then passed the DSST Introduction to Business exam in Tokyo.
  • I learned how to use Inkscape (using Useful Graphic Design Tutorials' series on YouTube) to create vector graphics, and used this capability to make graphics for the Charles' Korean Quiz Program documentation, but more importantly, completely overhauled the layout for my Japan Web site with vector graphics.
  • I built an Intel Core i7-based PC and installed Linux Fedora 19 onto it.
  • I learned how to use Linux (at least on a basic level) by reading the entire tutorial at <> and making Anki cards for all the commands.
  • I kept up my will to program by playing and beating some games! This year's new conquests (i.e. games that I have beaten for the first time this year) were: Tetris (NES), Dink Smallwood HD (played through Wine on Fedora 19, because it is a Windows game) and the official D-Mod, Mystery Island, The Oregon Trail (1975 HP-2100 mainframe, emulated, played over Telnet), Final Fantasy USA: Mystic Quest (played through on the SNES9X emulator on Android), and The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (played through Virtual Console on my Wii U).
I also added ad banners this year, but decided to remove them after just over two months. They weren't generating much revenue. That's fine for my Korea site, because it's not like that site is going to generate revenue any other way, but this Web site is different because future employers for the computer industry might look at this site and be turned off by all the ad banners... That's why I removed them.

New Year's Resolutions for Computers:

  1. Finish six UMUC BS in Computer & Information Science and/or NOVA AS in IT courses.
  2. Get some sort of IT certification (such as Linux+ or A+).
  3. Keep doing programming as a hobby or part-time job, but start being more selective about what projects I start. What I mean is "no calculator programming and no BASIC programming in 2014." I need to focus more on practicing useful programming languages like Java, C++, Ruby on Rails/Perl/PHP/Python, JavaScript, UNIX/Linux shell scripting, etc. Writing BASIC code or TI-83 programs is about as useful as writing a book in Esperanto. It's not going to impress future employers if most of my portfolio is just BASIC programs... BASIC is seen as a child's programming language.

October 27, 2013: Ad Banner Adding Complete
I have four Web sites hosted on this Web space, and the hosting cost is $6.95 per month. That comes out of my own pocket. To offset the costs, I have decided to start running ad banners. According to my calculations, it is completely feasible for the site to start paying for itself, and maybe even turn a slight profit. There is even a chance that, if I figure out how to increase the efficiency, I could start making a small but significant income stream from this.

Timeline of My Programming

Dungeon! (PC, DOS)

Charles' Korean Quiz Program Version 1.0


Big Apple Word Search (Nintendo DSi/3DS)


NihonGO! Japanese Kana Learning Program (TI-83 Plus)


Dungeon! (PC, 32-bit Windows)


I Wanna Be an HP! (TI-83)


Dungeon! with Graphics Engine Version 2.0 (TI-83)


Hung Pong (TI-83)


Dungeon! (TI-83)


Farming! (TI-83)