• Charles Wetzel's Gaming Resume
    This is a list of every game I've ever beaten, sorted by platform and alphabetically. I came up with a few basic rules as to which types of games can be included and why (for example, Windows "Solitaire" or Atari 2600 "Adventure" don't count).

  • ITE 221 — PC Hardware and O/S Architecture Paragraphs
    When I was taking ITE 221 in the summer of 2009, I wrote these paragraphs. They were paragraphs based on research I did of various Webs sites related to our reading chapters. I know it sounds really boring, but I did my best to research interesting things and make the paragraphs interesting. It is, of course, your choice whether or not you read these.

  • What is a "tower defense" game?
    Back when I thought I would actually have the time to enter The Game Institute's programming content for a tower defense game, I wrote this essay. Basically I played a number of tower defense games and wrote an essay outlining the common points of these games, to serve as a sort of primer on these games for my own reference (so I could program one later). However, I never ended up entering the contest.