Restaurant Review of Kaohsiung MOS Burger

By Charles Wetzel

I have always wondered about MOS Burger. My friend who had lived in Okinawa talked about how Korea needed a MOS Burger with rice burgers. I had never tried anything from MOS Burger. That changed today, when I sat down in MOS Burger Kaohsiung (in Taiwan), en route to Taipei, and had a MOS Burger.

Of course since I was carrying a bunch of bags and looked like a tourist, and since I was eating at a burger joint, I'm sure I looked like the stereotypical "ugly American," but who cares. I sure don't. A great way to experience foreign countries is to eat their specialty burgers, such as Korea's shrimp burgers and bulgogi burgers, and in this case, rice burgers from Japan.

The Rice Burger Shogayaki Set with a Coke Zero

In terms of service, it was pretty good for fast food. A waitress actually delivered my Rice Burger Shogayaki meal to my table. The cashier had an unusually cutesy, high-pitched voice. I was really tempted to ask her "is that your real voice?" She sounded like maybe she was trying a little bit too hard to fit the cashier-working-at-a-Japanese-fast-food-chain role. It was entertaining how high-pitched her voice was, though. She got my order right, including my Coke with no ice. I have no complaints about the service. They even had a picture menu and a Japanese and an English menu on-hand.

Now I'll talk about the food itself. I ordered a Rice Burger Shogayaki with fries and a Coke, and it cost 125 NTD (about $3.90 in American dollars). For Taiwan, this is actually not cheap. I can get jiroufan or other local Taiwanese food in roughly the same quantity with a drink for half the price. Here is my assessment of the food items:

  • The Coke was as-ordered, with no ice. Good job. Nothing much to say.
  • The fries were acceptable. Decently-salted, but not too much salt, and not too little salt. They were cooperative and let me have two packs of ketchup when I requested them.
  • Now, let's talk about the centerpiece, the Rice Burger Shogayaki. It was an interesting experience, and tasted good, but it's not particularly amazing. Instead of a bun, there is steamed rice with soy sauce sprinkled on it molded into a bun-like configuration. However, the whole thing would disintegrate if eaten like a regular burger, so you must eat it from the wrapper. As for the shogayaki, it's thinly-sliced meat with lettuce. Tasted decent, but here's the thing — there is almost no difference between a bowl of rice with Shogayaki on top and the Rice Burger Shogayaki. So why pay extra just to have the rice specially moulded into a pseudo-bun?

    The Rice Burger Shogayaki (closeup)

    As for the restaurant itself, it was a clean environment, and had a little bit of decor (such as Japanese plaques on the wall attesting to the restaurant's quality and service), but nothing to write home about. Here is one example:

    And here is my translation (I'm doing this without a Japanese dictionary on-hand, so bear with me):
    As for MOS' beef, we work with clean-aired New Zealand. Only with nature's ranch grass were [the cows] bred. HAMBURGER IS MY LIFE

    Overall, I'm going to say that service was 5 / 5, originality is 3.5 / 5 (original presentation but not original taste), and taste was 4 / 5. Price is 3/5 (not too expensive, but not cheap, either).

    Overall score: 3.9 / 5

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