Q: What is the difference between the Interesting Blog and the Boring Blog?
A: In short, the Boring Blog contains all kinds of boring stuff that the vast majority of China/Taiwan enthusiasts will generally not find interesting. For example, if I finish up a course for my bachelor's degree, it'll go on the Boring Blog, because that's not something that Taiwan enthusiasts care about. The Interesting Blog contains things that are directly related to Taiwan, have photos, etc. Here are the guidelines for something being placed in the Boring Blog:
  • It's about my bachelor's degree.
  • It's just a schedule for the day, week, or month.
  • It's not related to Taiwan in some other way (for example, if I talk about a rockin' game of Civilization, it'll go here).

    Q: What did you use to create your menu?
    A: ButtonGenerator.com