Cijin Photo Gallery

By Charles Wetzel

This photo gallery contains photos of things which don't really warrant a photo essay (not enough content for that), or that haven't been mentioned elsewhere on my site. I'd like to eventually have photos on my site for all the tourist locations outlined on the Cijin Tourism Map. These photos can go into my blog, photo essays, or if they don't go into either of those, into here — the Cijin photo gallery.

No one section here should have more than 250 words. If it does, it should be its own photo essay, not a part of the photo gallery.

Cijin Star Tunnel

There is a tunnel that goes through Mt. Cihou. It is really just an ordinary tunnel made of concrete. It has glow-in-the-dark star charts and some celestial-themed glow-in-the-dark pictures, but it isn't that much to write home about. I guess it's better than an ordinary tunnel, though.

Cijin Star Tunnel's Entrance

Glow-in-the-Dark Star Chart on the Ceiling

I'm pretty sure this is a picture of one Aztec god flaying another. I think I read about this in a Mars conspiracy theory-related book — the author felt that this Aztec legend referred to the flaying of a vibrant, inhabited planet (by a meteor), turning it into an uninhabited, lifeless sphere. Of course, this could be pure speculation.

Cijin Lighthouse

This is Cijin Lighthouse. In 1864, Dagou Port opened to foreign trade. They needed a lighthouse. Wang Fu-Lu decided to construct a black Chinese-style lighthouse. This was later replaced with this one.

Here are some artifacts. Going left to right, there is a slate for keeping records (when paper was expensive), a burner for the lighthouse (the Japanese replaced this with an electric light in 1918), and a lantern for the lighthouse.

Note the 1904-era lantern. A man named Chance invented this sort of lantern; the lantern used kerosene mixed with air to create a vapor, which burned. On the right is a light bulb (note my finger for size reference).

Then I gained the ability to fly, and took this amazing aerial photograph of the lighthouse complex!

Here is a view of Gushan (across the bay), with Zhongshan Daxue (National Sun Yat-sen University) on the left, in the mountains, barely visible because of the fog.

(C) 2010 Charles Wetzel