Welcome to Charles Wetzel's loose confederation of sites.

Hello, my name is Charles Wetzel. I own multiple Web sites, which are bound together by the same domain name — a "confederation" of sites (a so-called "confederation" because of the autonomy of each site and the loose affiliation between the sites).

Charles Wetzel's Japan Website

This site is about my complex life in Japan.
Charles Wetzel's Site on the Republic of ChinaCharles Wetzel's Site on KoreaCharles Wetzel's Programming and General Geekdom Web Site

This site is about the year and a half I spent in Taiwan as an English teacher, and things related to Taiwan and China.

I lived in Korea twice for a total of five years, and this site is mostly about the latter three of those.

I'm an amateur C++ and BASIC programmer, but hope to one day make a career out of it.

Are you also named Charles Wetzel?
I like my domain, and I was here first! However, if you're willing to make me a REALLY lucrative offer, I might consider.

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